It was 1979. We were going to tie the knot.

May 21, 2024

Happy Anniversary to my one and only.

It was 1979. We were going to tie the knot. She would be a youth minister’s wife. Lots of late night hang outs with middle and high school kids. Teenage crises to deal with. Drama on every horizon. She jumped right in.

She said…"I do.”

Six months later I got a call to be a senior pastor (granted the “only pastor”…but hey, at least it sounded good). She was now the pastor’s wife. Younger than most of the “church ladies” granddaughters. She didn’t bat an eye.

She said… "I will stand by you."

Fifteen years later, God lead us on a new path. Steps of faith. Waiting for the phone to ring. Miles and miles of driving. Hours and hours of plane flights.

She said…"I believe in you."

For the last 30 years, she made this crazy life I lead manageable. She thrives on the tough stuff. The mundane and never ending stack of “I’d rather you do this” on her desk.

She said…"I can handle it."

Life moves so fast. Way too fast for me. We have weathered many struggles, many heartaches together. But mingled throughout, we have laughed, found joy in the journey and not let this road of life rob us of the best days. 45 years. 16,425 days. Hard to fathom.

Yet, she said still says, "I will always be here."

Happy Anniversary to my one and only. Now all I can say is…

"I sure wouldn’t have made it without you."

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It was 1979. We were going to tie the knot. May 21, 2024

Happy Anniversary to my one and only.

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