Now Available! Grit Don

Now Available! Grit Don't Quit

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Have you ever come up empty, found yourself holding the short end of the stick, been knocked down, behind the eight ball, in a tough spot, defeated, out of options, hanging on for dear life, or just plain old tired and plum worn out?

Of course, you have. You are human, we all are! We're fallible and imperfect living in a difficult world that's often cruel. We've all been there before, might be there right now, and will certainly be there again. Man or woman, young or old, just off the starting line or near the finish, we all need this book.

This whole "LIFE" thing isn't a tranquil Sunday afternoon with hammocks, lemonade, and umbrella straws. To thrive in a tough world takes something unique that is not an immutable characteristic we were born with or without. It's an attribute we need as a part of our personality, character, and attitude. It must be earned, and it's got to be cultivated. What it takes is GRIT!

What is GRIT? Well, we know it when we see it and we can sure notice when we're short on it. And that's what we're working on here. So, grab this book, get you some GRIT, and don't ever Quit!

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